Academy is committed to an education that extends beyond the confines of the classroom. We continue to maintain a sporting/ cultural balance by offering many activities outside’ the realm of sport. Debates, speech contests Thus the activities are related to competitions; tours; camps; dance and music classes; cultural programmers ; science , environment, project day ; talent exhibitions, celebration of National Festivals.

House System

The classes have been devided into four houses named (I)AJIT House (II)  Jhujhar House (III) Zorawar House (IV) Fateh House. Each house has teacher in charge and student head. The house distribution helps to develop a sense of competitiveness among the children which is assential in today's world.

Morning Assembly

Recitation, Pledge, National Anthem, Thought, News Reading, Speech, Exercise and other activities are  regular features of our morning assembly. The Assembly is conducted by the house on duty.


Qualified physical education instructers are appointed to carry out the sports activities in the Academy. A children park is situated in
 one corner of the school to inculcate the habit of participation in the sports activities by the tiny tots. The main addition are Badminton, Hockey, Bollyball, Handball, Cricket etc.

Co-Curricular Activities

  1.  Educational Tours & Camps.
  2.  Dance and Music Classes.
  3.  Chart and Model Competition.
  4.  Sports Competitions
  5.  Cultural Programmes.
  6.  Greeting Cards Competition
  7.  Science day.


  1. Speech
  2. Quiz
  3. Essay Writing
  4. Debates
  5. Writing
  6. Drawing
  7. Painting