• Our Campus

    Our Campus

    Run By : Khalsa Welfare Educational Society

  • Co-Curricular Activities
  • Biology Lab

    Biology Lab

    To provide first hand knowledge to the students about the subject the biology lab is fully equipped with all the required specimens.

  • Spirituality


    The school has a healthy spiritual environment. Students are taught to obey and respect their parents and elders.

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Welcome to Miri Piri Khalsa Academy

Miri Piri Khalsa Academy was founded on 26 Jan 2010 under Khalsa Welfare Educational Society . So the educational level of this region may be brought up high. This institution is providing many oppertunities to children for their all round development. Beside all round development of children through confidence motivating competitions, literatural  and cultural exhibitions, religious culture and sports: this institution  is doing its best to persuade the spirit of respect for society and elders in children. Not gold but exuberant generation endowed with unbounded Zeal, epic courage and Herculean stamina can make their nation a first rate power under the sun..

Our aim is to provide each student with the education which will equip him/her for his/her future in society. To achieve our aim we offer:

  •  A relevant education
  •  A unique friendly and caring ethos
  •  A demanding yet supportive learning environment
  •  A pupil- centered approach
  •  Excellent facilities and the latest education technology
  •  A well equipped professional and dedicated teaching staff
  •  A coast effective education
  •  An extensive and highly competitive extra curricular programme
  •  Secondary education with a scientific bias.  

 Academy is committed to an education that extends beyond the confines of the classroom. We continue to maintain a sporting/ cultural balance by offering many activities outside’ the realm of sport. Debates, speech contests Thus the activities are related to competitions; tours; camps; dance and music classes; cultural programmers ; science , environment, project day ; talent exhibitions, celebration of National Festivals.

Miri Piri Khalsa Academy provide many facilities like Laboratories ,Computer Rooms,Library, Medical Facility,Sports,Transport,House System,Morning Assembly,

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The school is open to both boys and girls from Nursery to Class VIII. The medium of instruction is English. The school being affiliated to CBSE follows CBSE syllabus with all compulsory subjects up to Class VIII. Our students are encouraged to think and learn independently. The modern curriculum which we have developed at The Miri Piri is progressive, holistic and based upon the realities of contemporary pressures.

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