The school is open to both boys and girls from Nursery to Class VIII. The medium of instruction is English. The school being affiliated to CBSE follows CBSE syllabus with all compulsory subjects up to Class VIII. Our students are encouraged to think and learn independently. The modern curriculum which we have developed at The Miri Piri is progressive, holistic and based upon the realities of contemporary pressures.

1. Parents guardians are requested to co-operate with the school inenforcing regularity and discipline.
2. Complaints must be addressed directly to the principal and not to the class teacher.3. Parents are requested not to disturb the teachers and children during school hours. No visitor is allowedto enter the classroom during school hours
4. The school administration normally informs parents/guardians in writing if there is a holiday.
5. No report card is issued to parents until dues have been cleared.
6. Progress report is issued in Sep./Dec. and March. Parents are requested to come to school to check and sign. the report card.
7. Parents/guardians are requested to attend parent-teache  meetingwithout fail.
8. Pupils absent for more than fortnight without excuse are liable to have their names struck off the role. If re-admission is desired. regularadmission fee is charged.
9. Parents/guardians may contact the principal only on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1p.m.

1. All the Students are expected to come in proper uniform. They are supposed to  maintain full discipline during school hours.
2. Pupil should realize that they are responsible to the school authorities for their conduct not only  in the school, but also for their general behaviour outside.
3. The student who damages the school property in any way is penalized  for such damage.
4. No student is allowed to leave the classroom without the permission  of the class teacher or until the class is dismissed.
5. Carrying dangerous articles to the school might result in the dismissed of the student.
6. The pupils on house duty handle the responsibility of themselvesrelated to morning assembly, discipline, cleanliness of institution etc.

1. The Office collects the fees & funds from 1st to 10th day each quarter. If 10th is a holiday then the fees is collected the next day of the month.
2. After 10th the fees is deposited with a fine of Rs. 10/- per day in the office upto 20th of the month.
3. If fees is not paid till 20th, the students is not allowed to sit in the class and is sent back home. He/she is allowed to attend his/her class only after all dues are deposited and the receipt of the same is shown to the class incharge.
4. However if the fees is not deposited upto 30th, name of the student is struck of the rolls. Insuch a case, the child has to pay admission fee for seeking re-admission in the school.
5. School leaving certificate of any student is issued after all dues arecleared.
6. Report card is not issued if dues of the year are not cleared.

A student is granted promotion to the next higher class on the basis of his/her performance in the Monthly & Terminal Tests. Attendance
(Minimum 80%) is also taken into account for promotion purposes. The principal reserves the right to detain student if he/she is not upto
the required standard of the class.

Every student who is granted admission to the school pledges to observe willingly all the rules & regulations. Any indiscipline on the part of  a student may lead to his/her removal from the school rolls.

In case the student is to be withdrawal from the school, a month's notice must be given. Transfer certificate will be released only after
all the dues have been cleared.