1. The Office collects the fees & funds from 1st to 10th day each quarter. If 10th is a holiday then the fees is collected the next day of the month.
2. After 10th the fees is deposited with a fine of Rs. 10/- per day in the office upto 20th of the month.
3. If fees is not paid till 20th, the students is not allowed to sit in the class and is sent back home. He/she is allowed to attend his/her class only after all dues are deposited and the receipt of the same is shown to the class InCharge.
4. However if the fees is not deposited upto 30th, name of the student is struck of the rolls. In such a case, the child has to pay admission fee for seeking re-admission in the school.
5. School leaving certificate of any student is issued after all dues are cleared.
6. Report card is not issued if dues of the year are not cleared.